Sustainable Coastlines: Valuable Workshop for IPL's Community Team

Just about every week the media have a storyline on the issues surrounding single use plastic. This is of particular interest for IPL’s Community Team and we thought we’d get the experts of Sustainable Coastlines to come into our workplace and put our team through their workshop. 

Although we’ve all heard about this issue, this was a very eye opening workshop. By giving real and tangible examples, they have really shown us the scale and the severity of the problem. No one or no countries are immune to this problem. 

The extent of the problem is far reaching but these guys take a positive approach to the problem at hand. They were really good at presenting the simplicity of some of the solutions available to us to tackle the single use plastic issue. The four “R”s (REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE) really helped demonstrate some of the things that can be done.

Our Community Team members left the workshop full of enthusiasm and overflowing with simple ideas to start dealing with this big global issue. Over the coming weeks, we will think about additional actions that could be taken in our workplace to apply the four “R”s and we have already started thinking and implementing ways to spread the message in our community.

We look forward to sharing some of our solutions with the community.

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