Biofuels Testing

As new generarions of biofuels are developed, it is important to choose a testing laboratory that has the necessary expertise and knowledge of the methods required to meet the industry standards. 

Recent developments in the biofuel industry indicate that biofuel blends are set to become a major part of the New Zealand fuel industry. Biofuel blends are a mix of traditional fossil fuel and a fuel made from a renewable substance such as tallow, vegetable oil or ethanol. As new types of biofuels are being developed, it was observed that the biofuel testing methods do not always work as intended hence why the expertise and method knowledge of a testing laboratory becomes quite critical.

The biofuel component of any blend sold commercially in New Zealand must comply with the New Zealand Engine Fuel Specification Regulations 2011. In addition to being committed to helping advance biofuel technology, IPL offers biofuel producers and importers an accredited, cost effective testing service with the full range of tests required to meet these standards.

As the country's leading biodiesel tester, we provide a comprehensive range of tests for B100 and subsequent biodiesel blends.

A vast range of bioethanol analysis such as E100 ethanol and subsequent petrol blends is also carried out.

Examples of testing we carry out:

Ester Content in Biodiesel (EN14103)
Glyceride (D6584)
Accelerated Oxidation Stability -Rancimat (EN14112)
Cold flow properties

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