Mercury Analysis

Monitoring Mercury levels can help avoid significant cost linked to equipment failure and help ensure that exposure levels are minimised.

Analytical Capability
We measure ‘total mercury’ including any insoluble mercury associated with particulate contaminants. IPL's mercury capability allow for direct analysis of trace level mercury (parts per trillion).

Sample types analysed:
- Liquids
- Solids
- LPG and
- Gases.

IPL has developed and validated methodology that precisely and accurately measures mercury in light hydrocarbons and condensates to a limit of quantification (LOQ) of 0.20 ppt (ng/kg).

Mercury from Veronique Theberge on Vimeo.

Turn-Around times
The technique employed for this direct analysis is based on thermal decomposition which requires neither sample preparation nor waste disposal. Hence, fast turn-around times on results. Analysing samples within New Zealand also significantly decreases time associated with sample shipment to international laboratories. Many sample types can be analysed within 48hrs of receipt (faster turn-around time available on request).

How to get started?
As part of our offer we can supply mercury sampling kits that include sampling instructions, Sulfinert coated pressure vessels to sample gas and LPG. If required, a Dangerous Goods transport forms is available. To achieve reproducible results a representative sample size of up to 500ml is required.

Why Perform Mercury Analysis?
Using our existing technology, Mercury testing is carried out:
- For screening - For quality control
- For troubleshooting - For Mercury speciation
- To identify unknowns - To help establish product value
- As preventative maintenance in refineries
(catalyst poisoning) and in production plants

  Other Testing for Hydrocarbons 
  Trace Mercury
  Crude Assay
  Metals and Heavy Metals
  Gas Composition Testing
  DHA - Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis                                                         

IPL has a wide range of analysis available. If there is a specific area of testing you require that is not listed, please contact us.

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