New Plymouth Lab IANZ Accreditation

We are really pleased to announce that IPL successfully complied with all IANZ accreditation criteria and is being awarded IANZ accreditation status for their New Plymouth lab. 

The lab was audited on Monday May 28th.  The auditors carried out a thorough assessment of the lab management and quality systems. The assessors were able to ascertain that IPL New Plymouth’s lab meets and operates to the international ISO/IEC 17025 international standards and granted us IANZ accreditation status.

The IANZ status will provide assurance to our customers that IPL is performing testing in a professional and technically reliable way in accordance with international standards. In addition to the lab accreditation, IPL New Plymouth’s lab also accredited 3 test methods which are performed regularly.

A lot of time and effort is required to prepare for an IANZ lab accreditation and we would like to thank all of IPL’s staff that were involved in this process.

IPL is proud to be able to count on 2 IANZ accredited labs in New Zealand to deliver exceptional testing services to our customers.

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IANZ accreditation of IPL's New Plymouth lab

IPL’s New Plymouth lab has officially achieved IANZ accreditation in the Chemical Testing Laboratory programme. The accreditation was granted on 16th August 2018.
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