Fun Sciences for Kids

What a jam pack day we had last Thursday experimenting with our kids from the Northpine Champion enrichment group. It was awesome to see the kids taking a huge interest in the science concepts we introduced. On Day 2 we addressed surface tension, acids and bases, had a lot of fun with dry ice and we finished the day talking about microorganisms. 

This completed the first IPL community initiative with the local primary schools and we are excited to see where this initiative will lead us in the future. We will soon gather feedback from the 3 schools and the kids who were part of this program so we can fine tune our approach and material developed.

A big thank to all the members of IPL’s community team who helped make this initiative a success and a special thank you to our presenters who did a fabulous job over those 2 days: Nicole Burgess, Jean Maunder & Trudy Keith.

Special thanks to our local schools for welcoming this initiative with open arms:

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