Jet Fuel testing

IPL provides leading Jet Fuel & Aviation Gasoline testing services. With over 20 years’ experience testing these product types, we deliver timely, quality testing you can rely on.

Services provided in a nutshell:
Testing is performed to the latest issues of ASTM D1655, DEFSTAN 91-091 and AFQRJOS checklist industry standards. The Jet Fuel and Aviation Gasoline test methods are ISO 17025 accredited covering your product release and re-certification requirements. We also:
- Analyse these products throughout their production stages and also once they reach their supply chain.
- Perform soak tests to certify that a tank is suitable to store the Fuels
- Test for FAME in Jet Fuel enabling you to determine if the product has been subjected to contaminants

Why choose IPL?
We hold an important number of Key Technical Personal able to perform Jet Fuel and Aviation Gasoline testing. The lab is open 365 days/year and operates multiple shifts to ensure we provide adequate service regardless of your time zone. Urgent testing can be organised at your request if necessary.

As part of IPL’s own quality assurance process, we participate in an international proficiency test scheme which includes Jet Fuel. This provides assurance that the test methods are performed correctly and that the lab consistently performs its testing to a high industry standard.

To minimise any additional risk that you may encounter, we hold back-up equipment for all the Aviation Gasoline and Jet Fuel test methods on our service offer.

We have a thorough understanding of the product life cycle. We can work alongside your team to identify areas where efficiency gains could be achieved in regards to the handling and shipping of the samples to be tested, therefore resulting in faster turn-around times.

We believe that Jet Fuel and Aviation Gasoline testing play a huge role in enabling you to offer safe flight services to travellers from around the world. IPL’s vision is to deliver Excellence by providing consistent, reliable and accurate data whilst meeting deadlines. Contact us to find out how we can meet all of your Jet Fuel and Aviation Gasoline testing requirements.

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