Petroleum Product Testing

From analysis of Crude Oil, Gases and Condensates, to testing the fuels that drive New Zealand and the South West Pacific, IPL offers the largest range of fuel testing services.

Within the oil industry, the downstream component encompasses commercially refined natural gas and products derived from crude oil. These include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline/petrol, jet fuel, diesel, other fuel oils, bitumen and petroleum coke.

Downstream testing services include analysis and recertification of:
• Aviation fuels – Jet fuel and Avgas
• Automotive and Marine fuels - Diesel , Petrol, Fuel Oil, Biofuels (Biodiesel and petrol/ethanol blends)
• Bitumen

Other IPL downstream services:
Microbial contamination
Mercury analysis in hydrocarbons
• Production gas analysis
• Environmental analysis
• Contaminant analysis

Some critical tests are for the products above are:
RON - Research Octane Number and MON - Motor Octane Number
IPL has three (3) octane engines designed to determine the anti-knock characteristics of the fuel. Knock is a high pitch, metallic rapping noise and can cause loss of performance and damage to engines.

IPL uses automatic technology to determine the distillation curve of fuel at atmospheric pressure. This curve is often used to characterise the volatility of the fuel. These characteristics are critical to the performance and safety of engines, especially during start-up and warm-up.

Density is one of the fundamental physical properties used for conversion of measured volumes, to a known volume (or weight) at a specified temperature.  It is a measure of potential contamination. IPL uses many automated and manual density measurement techniques.

The appearance of fuels can give an indication of contamination by water, particles or other fuels. Appearance is measured with a combination of visual and automated water content techniques.

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Are you confident that your products are tested to the right standards? IPL is constantly developing new testing procedures in the downstream testing services for the petroleum industry. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Talk to us today to see how we could help you get testing results you can trust.

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