Dip Tape Calibration


IPL lab has a designated area to calibrate dip tapes to industry standards. We provide:

-  a turn-around time of 3 to 5 working days
- a maintenance programme to ensure the most accurate readings
- calibrated replacement option at very competitive prices (dip tapes and bob) 














Who should look into dip tape calibration?

 Any company dealing with high value liquids such as surveying companies, oil terminals, off shore oil rigs & bulk liquid storage terminals.

What are the benefits of having your dip tape calibrated?

- To maintain and conduct a health check of this important piece of equipment
- To allow the most accurate readings which can in turn affect your profits
- To offer the assurance that you are getting the most value from your product

How often should you have your dip tape calibrated?

- If you notice any damage or suspect readings from your dip tape
- Annually

IPL operates to the strictest guidelines (as per recommendations of OIML R 35-1 Edition 2007(E)) and offers a wide range of calibration, maintenance and exchange services.

Should you wish to receive more details on dip tape or any other calibration services that IPL offers such as: thermometers, hydrometers, densitometers, conductivity meters, thermo probes, flash point instrumentation and much more, please contact our experts.

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