Bio-Jet Recertification

IPL provides IANZ accredited analysis for Jet A1 fuel and Bio-Jet. Jet A1 and Bio-Jet recertification is performed to ASTM D1655 and/or DEF STAN 91-091 (issue10) test method standards.

Once Bio-Jet products have been manufactured, certified and released to meet the requirements of ASTM D7566, there is no need to duplicate this requirement for any recertification. Recertifications can be done in accordance with ASTM D1655 and/or DEF STAN 91-091 specifications.

Below is a summarised list of the tests IPL performs for Jet A1 and Bio-Jet:


  Jet A1 & Bio-Jet (as per ASTM D1655 or DEF STAN 91-091)
Abel Flash Point
Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aviation Fuels 
Cleanliness of Avtur
Copper Corrosion
Density of Product by AP
Existent Gum
FAME in Jet Fuel by GCMS
Freezing Point
Gravimetric Particulates in Jet
  Particle Count 
  Hydrocarbon Types by FIA
  Jet Fuel Stadis Dosing
  Mercaptan Sulphur
  Saybolt Colour by Lovibond
  Smoke Point
  Specific Energy in Jet Fuel
  Sulphur by X-Ray
  Total Acidity of Jet

If you have a particular testing requirement not listed above, please contact us

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