Here is what some of our customers have to say about IPL's testing services.

Rob Freeman - Z Energy

"Congratulations on reaching the 15 year milestone.
You have a great team who clearly have a passion for what they do. IPL is a trusted partner in an important part of our business.
The success of any business only exists where there is strength of leadership. The growth of the business and the support for your customers and community is something to be proud of. Well done!"

Alan Dowie - NZOSL

"NZOSL Lyttelton use IPL’s expertise in testing of products – especially Aviation Jet A1 and Avgas and we cannot fault their service. On all occasions we deem this work to be highly urgent ,subject to accurate and detailed paperwork and, required to be conveyed back to us in a prompt manner."

Bill Aalbersberg - Institute of Applied Sciences

"We would like to thank IPL for the Technical Assistance offered to the IAS Laboratory thus far in developing the IAS Biofuel Laboratory in its build up towards obtaining international accreditation. We are pleased to inform you that IANZ has recommended the IAS Laboratory for accreditation in our March assessment. This has been possible through the help and preparation work in the previous visits by Anthony Hockings and Ivor Reyes. We would also like to especially mention the hard work and commitment of Ivor Reyes in the past 3 weeks that he had spent at IAS. His advice and assistance in the week before the assessment was crucial in fine tuning our preparations that resulted in recommendation with a few minor Corrective Actions Requests. Ivor showed professionalism, was approachable and worked well with our team, and our team also enjoyed learning from him."

Billy Parker - BP Oil

"As BP Oil NZ Fuels Technical and Quality Assurance Manager and in my previous role as Air BP Safety and Quality Manager, I have used IPL as BP’s preferred laboratory services provider. IPL provides BP with high quality, reliable specialist laboratory testing, calibration and training services.  
BP recommends IPL for all aspects of laboratory training and support for Terminals. I have no hesitation recommending IPL as a reputable laboratory with the ability to service all the needs of our business."

Dave Jacobson - Z Energy

"At Z Energy we support New Zealand businesses.
Z Energy uses IPL to conduct most of our laboratory analyses. We use IPL partly because we want to support New Zealand businesses but we also receive a very good level of service and expertise from IPL. The staff are knowledgeable and the laboratory equipment is advanced.
The Laboratory is very capable especially in regard to the testing of petroleum products and also biofuels. In addition the analytical section can provide the tools to investigate problems or issues and identify any unknown products. In our opinion the Laboratory has a robust quality assurance plan operational and also have IANZ accreditation for many of the tests. In our opinion this provides us with assurance that the staff are competent in the tests and the results delivered are accurate."

Jack Stewart - Refining NZ

"IPL’s high level of competence and broad capability combined with top notch customer service make them the laboratory of choice for the oil refining and distribution industry in New Zealand."

Phil Thompson - WOSL

"We have used IPL for many years now, they meet all our fuel sampling needs as well as all our instrument calibration needs. They are without doubt the experts in their field and are always helpful, friendly and easy to get in contact with. Their knowledge of the fuel sampling industry is second to none and they offer good value for money with their competitive prices."

Dr Vladimir Koutsaenko - MBIE

The Measurement and Product Safety Service (MAPSS) runs the national programme for fuel quality monitoring and Independent Petroleum Laboratory (IPL) is our primary testing laboratory. MAPSS has confidence in the quality and accuracy of IPL’s testing operation and relies on their expertise to test a wide range of fuel properties against specifications outlined in Engine Fuel Specifications Regulations. During the extensive period of our professional interaction with IPL we have built an excellent working relationship which, in addition to fuel testing, has involved utilising their deep technical knowledge and expertise to resolve complex issues and to jointly work on improving New Zealand legislation and international testing standards.

Latest News

Testing for Performance Specification of Asphalt Binders (M1-A)

The NZTA M1-A specification sets out the performance characteristics to be met by the binders used for asphalt manufacture, which will replace the previous NZTA M1 specification. IPL has worked with NZTA, Suppliers and customers to gain a good understanding of this new specification and has expanded its Bitumen testing capability to meet the suppliers and customers new M1-A testing requirements.
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Sustainable Coastlines: Valuable Workshop for IPL's Community Team

Just about every week the media have a storyline on the issues surrounding single use plastic. This is of particular interest for IPL’s Community Team and we thought we’d get the experts of Sustainable Coastlines to come into our workplace and put our team through their workshop. 
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2018 WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair

Another year full of successful project entries for the WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair. Our lovely Pam Chung attended the event and also helped judge the projects on display. Pam was truly amazed by the level of detail and the precision of the scientific processes followed by some of the participants. “I thought the kids did a great job at noting down and presenting evidence of their work at each step of their investigation”. It was great to hear back from Pam about how impressed she was by the thoroughness of some of our scientists in making. Read More