Compliance & Integrity

Part of IPL’s success is attributable to beliefs in respect and integrity. IPL sets high standards and hopes to set this example in the laboratory testing services industry.

In order to define the standards we are adhering to, IPL has put various systems in place and affiliated itself with some of the most prestigious organisations regulating the industry. Below are some of the systems we’ve established in order to maintain our principles and professional integrity: 

IPL is an IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) accredited laboratory to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025 standards and has held this status since inception in 1999. IANZ accredited laboratories are recognised in over 65 countries worldwide. This accreditation gives assurance to our customers, employees and stakeholders that IPL is operating professionally and technically under the strictest international standards. IPL is respectful of the IANZ principles and demonstrates this pledge by hiring competent and experienced staff, allowing traceability and integrity of the equipment, validating test methods, ensuring the validity and suitability of results and constantly reviewing management systems. IPL currently has over 15 staff holding IANZ signatory status. We take pride in our Quality Management systems and our commitment to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025 principles.


In order to achieve the best team and organizational performance, IPL believes that all our staff should lead by example, demonstrate honesty, integrity, trust and respect for our peers, customers and suppliers. IPL adheres to a set of values and ethics that sets us apart as a laboratory testing leader.

Safety and Wellbeing

IPL demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. A proactive “can do” attitude to safety is expected from all staff in order to maintain a safe work environment. We believe that by encouraging everyone to be involved in and to contribute to safety, we make a difference. Through our Health and Safety committee, we ensure that all voices are heard and that appropriate actions are taken when and where necessary to make our workplace a safe and enjoyable place to be. IPL also holds a tertiary accreditation for the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practice. A Health and Wellbeing programme has been established for our staff because we believe that their healthy lifestyles contributes to individual and organisational success.


IPL demonstrates a strong commitment to minimising our impact on the environment. We have a team responsible for regular assessment and management of hazards within the laboratory. In addition, we promote a culture of reducing, reusing and recycling where practicable. We have installed solar panels for our hot water system and adopted the latest technologies in order to transition to paperless procedures where possible.


As a responsible business, IPL strives achieve best-practice compliance with HSNO legislation therefore minimising the impact our handling of hazardous substances has on people and the environment. There is a major project ongoing to improve gas cylinder storage to meet AS 4332:2004.


Latest News

Testing for Performance Specification of Asphalt Binders (M1-A)

The NZTA M1-A specification sets out the performance characteristics to be met by the binders used for asphalt manufacture, which will replace the previous NZTA M1 specification. IPL has worked with NZTA, Suppliers and customers to gain a good understanding of this new specification and has expanded its Bitumen testing capability to meet the suppliers and customers new M1-A testing requirements.
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Sustainable Coastlines: Valuable Workshop for IPL's Community Team

Just about every week the media have a storyline on the issues surrounding single use plastic. This is of particular interest for IPL’s Community Team and we thought we’d get the experts of Sustainable Coastlines to come into our workplace and put our team through their workshop. 
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2018 WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair

Another year full of successful project entries for the WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair. Our lovely Pam Chung attended the event and also helped judge the projects on display. Pam was truly amazed by the level of detail and the precision of the scientific processes followed by some of the participants. “I thought the kids did a great job at noting down and presenting evidence of their work at each step of their investigation”. It was great to hear back from Pam about how impressed she was by the thoroughness of some of our scientists in making. Read More