Case Study: Environmental (Water Testing)

SECTOR: Environmental (water monitoring)


Companies which could benefit from the testing services that IPL delivers: Environmental consultants, Oil and Gas producers and operators, Pipeline operators, Chemical suppliers, Service and Supply industries, Heavy Industry and Construction.

Finding a Taranaki lab delivering environmental monitoring for Storm water, Ground water, Surface water or Produced water. Benefiting from a high quality customer service, accurate analysis, fast turnaround times whilst remaining cost competitive. 

The opening of IPL’s second lab in New Plymouth (Taranaki) in July 2014, enabled local companies to benefit from years of experience in petrochemical and environmental testing. The lab was designed to ensure environmental, petrochemical and gas testing could be carried out from our New Plymouth facility. Local staff are available to deal with queries, carry out testing and work with customer to tailor testing solution that suit their particular needs. The New Plymouth lab works closely with our large Northland lab to provide a huge range of analysis and many years of experience in the industry. 


- High quality analysis
- Promoting local business by keeping the testing in Taranaki
- Fast testing turnaround time
- Access to a local contact person for their testing needs
- Local testing expertise they can access easily
- No more shipping logistic, costs and associated delays
- Sampling equipment provided (bottles, chilly bins)
- Access to adequate and practical sampling items (labels, chain of custody)
- Sampling service available to free up your staff
- Huge range of capability for the analysis of water, soils, sludges, petrochemicals, gases and identification of unknowns.


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