Metal and heavy metal analysis

Metal analysis can occur in various sample types and for a number of reasons.

In hydrocarbons, analysis is usually performed to identify the presence or absence of wear metals, contaminants and additives.

In aqueous samples, metal analysis is often carried out to check water quality or to quantify contaminants.

Finally, there is a need for metal testing due to the effects that certain heavy metals have on our health and environment

In a nutshell, testing can be performed to ensure resource consents are met, to find out the chemical composition of a sample and as a problem solving tool to help identify contaminants. Knowing what is in your sample can help determine the potential impact on the environment and consequently on your health. 

IPL performs metal analysis by ICP OES (Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy). This is a rapid, sensitive and convenient way to determine concentrations of metals in both organic and aqueous samples. Detection levels are determined by sample matrix. 

Sample types include:

Metals we analyse for include: 





*IPL employs various analytical methods to test for Mercury and trace Mercury. View our mercury webpage. 



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